Widow's Plight - Grady Mccright - Książki - iUniverse - 9780595140237 - 1 grudnia 2000
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Widow's Plight

Grady Mccright

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Widow's Plight

Detecting the distant booms of many rifles, Will Trent turns his horse toward the noise, knowing that some soul is in trouble. He really had no intention of signing on to help the poor widow and her two young kids rebuild their wornout ranch, but having seen all the suffering and death during his three years with Lee's Army of Northern Virginia had been enough. He just couldn't ride out after breaking up the Comanchero raid. Not and leave a defenseless woman and two starving young'uns. His drifting would just have to wait a spell. Calling on some of his former Texas Cavalry partners for help, Will begins building Widow Ida McMoray's herd from mavericks he can trap out of the rough Devils River country. As the herd grows, Will runs afoul of the widow's brother-in-law, Clyde McMoray and his pack of cutthroats. It is McMoray's plan to someday own the ranch as well as lovely Ida. As Will's time on the ranch lengthens, so does his desire for the hand of Ida; yet he has nothing to offer her but his strong back and . . . his gun . . . .

Media Książki     Paperback Book   (Książka z miękką okładką i klejonym grzbietem)
Wydane 1 grudnia 2000
ISBN13 9780595140237
Wydawcy iUniverse
Strony 216
Wymiary 150 × 12 × 225 mm   ·   322 g
Język English  

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