Fe Organoiron Compounds: Ferrocene 10 - Fe. Eisen. Iron (System-Nr. 59) - Marianne Droßmar-Wolf - Książki - Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg Gm - 9783662071960 - 3 października 2013
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Fe Organoiron Compounds: Ferrocene 10 - Fe. Eisen. Iron (System-Nr. 59) 8th ed. 1991 edition

Marianne Droßmar-Wolf

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Fe Organoiron Compounds: Ferrocene 10 - Fe. Eisen. Iron (System-Nr. 59) 8th ed. 1991 edition

"Organoiron Compounds" A, Ferrocene 10 systematicalty covers the literature through the end of 1986 and includes so me references published more recently. A formula index provides ready access to the compounds covered. This volume ends the description of mononuclear unbridged disubstituted ferrocenes, 1 2 FeC HRR . The description of the unbridged disubstituted ferrocenes was initiated with lO a 1 2 "Organoiron Compounds" A, Ferrocene 7 (starting with R and R containing C and Hand 1 containing halogen at least in R\ and continuing with compounds containing 0 at least in R to form alcohols and phenols, their esters, ethers, acetals, and aldehydes), and was foltowed 1 by "Organoiron Compounds" A, Ferrocene 8 (with at least R containing 0). "Organoiron 1 Compounds" A, Ferrocene 9 treated compounds in wh ich at least R contains N, S, Se, B, or Si. This volume now comprises the rest of the disubstituted ferrocenes containing P, As, or a 1 metal at least in R . Beyond that it includes the description of alt the mononuclear unbridged trisubstituted ferrocenes, FeClOH7R1R2R3. Series A so far comprises volumes A 1 to A 10 and has been surveyed in the preface to A 7 (1980). The data in tables are given in abbreviated form without dimensions; for dimensions, explanations, and further abbreviations used, see p. X (next page). Additional remarks are given in the headings of the tables where necessary.

366 pages, 4 black & white illustrations, 1 colour illustrations, biography

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Wydane 3 października 2013
ISBN13 9783662071960
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Strony 366
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