Invocations: Calling Forth the Light That Heals - Jacob Glass - Książki - iUniverse - 9780595140251 - 20 września 2000
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Invocations: Calling Forth the Light That Heals

Jacob Glass

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Invocations: Calling Forth the Light That Heals

In "Invocations" Jacob Glass reminds us of a God who cares and of a Universe that is ultimately loving. Through prayers, exercises and essays which cover a variety of topics and which affirm the goodness and beneficence of Divine Spirit, he takes us on a journey of hope and inspiration for daily living. There is a quiet peaceful center of love, wisdom and strength that lives in the human heart and soul. Yet often we disconnect from deeper values and meaning. We become so busy we tend to forget what our purpose is and that we have Spiritual Aid. Living a life of faith is difficult if not impossible without a daily connection to our inner-selves. As our lives become busier and busier it is imperative that we take time to regularly focus on what is most important so that we may more powerfully participate in our own lives. Prayer is the ancient and sacred practice of talking with God, communing with the Divine. As we consciously seek God, God is revealed to us. Undreamed of possibilities emerge from these dialogues.

Media Książki     Paperback Book   (Książka z miękką okładką i klejonym grzbietem)
Wydane 20 września 2000
ISBN13 9780595140251
Wydawcy iUniverse
Strony 200
Wymiary 155 × 13 × 221 mm   ·   299 g
Język English  

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